Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

Step.1) Vacuum & Remove Loose Debris: The most important thing is to remove loose dirt and other debris and dust, we vacuum every inch of the carpet to remove them.

Step.2) Stain Pre-treatment: After vacuuming, we get on to pre-treating the areas with stains.

Step.3) Steam Cleaning: When the pre-treating is completed, we use high powered steaming machines along with required cleaning agents to clean the surface. This ensures that every inch of the carpet is cleaned thoroughly. If there are any spots or stains that are left behind then, we use specialized treatment on such areas to remove every single stain.

Step.4) Drying Process {If asked}; If the customer asks for drying treatment, our Carpet Cleaners use high-powered fans and equipment for drying the carpet. This method speeds up the process of drying the carpet.

Step.5) Leave To Dry: After everything is completed, we leave the carpet to dry naturally. For natural carpet drying, customers should open the window and use high-speed fans if he/she don’t want to have professional drying treatment.


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